About Tektron Genesis

Tektron Genesis provides high quality PCB Design, Embedded Systems Design, Firmware/Software development, Custom Electronic Design, IoT Product Design & Contract Manufacturing Services cover a broad area in the electronics devices domain. We in Tektron Genesis has been established PCB design and research service in India & USA.

We serve across different industries, including military, medical, automotive, consumer, commercial, gaming area. We also offer best services in telecom, video and multimedia, security and many more areas.

At Tektron Genesis have highly expertise and qualify team of PCB design full fill custom electronic product development & manufacturing requirements of clients at affordable costs and delivering high quality of work.


Design Services

Top-quality PCB Design services with using the latest most complex technologies.

PCB Layout design (signal/ multilayer board)

Product re-engineering

Hardware-software design partition Schematic design

Firmware design and developments

PCB Manufacturing & Assembly

Mechanical Assembly

Deliver innovation & end to end mechanical and industrial prodcut services.

Mechanical requirements development

Product Design & Drafting

Seamless integration of electronics design & and industrial design

Cable & Connector Design

Reverse Engineering



We offering right solutions to automobile companies with several advantages:

Ability to support clients from automotive industry & building robust and manageable applications.
Ability to assist Vehicle & Advanced Engineering Service
Product Documentation & Technical Manuals
Maintenance, Repair & Overhauling
Manufacturing Process


We offering wide range of cellular, telecom, consumer wireless and hand-held device OEM solutions:

Technical expertise & domain assists you fast build up and test next-generation products
Consist of e-commerce & mobility solutions that allow consumers to access and pay for these services
Increase performance with an efficient IT architecture
Develop employee collaboration and document sharing
Offer IOT WiFi Module & IOT zWave Module


We work with energy OEMs to build new services and products for process automation and systems with more advantages:

Concept to Prototype development
Hardware platform identification
Board design and development
Created test modules for ADC, LCD, UART
Firmware design and development


The Benefit that Tektrong offers Health and Medical Industry:

Providing real-time based 24 x 7 support to address problems whenever required
Sending Performance improve through a qualified well managed IT architecture
Accessing expert IT staff when required
Provide mobile device management
Offer Health care management & Health Informatic systems


Tektrong developed the best band most relevant system for today’s Aerospace and serve many aerospace companies with more advantages:

Close integration of financial and operational information for process effectiveness.
Faster and better informed decision making.
Real time access to correct information and smart reporting.
Control, monitor and manage procedures of entire association professionally.
Customizable and Scalable.