Tektrong - farming Industry

How IoT will change the face of farming Industry?

The agricultural industry must embrace the use of accuracy farming and benefit of developing Internet of Things (IoT) if it is feed to the 9.6 billion population of the world by 2050 according to Therese Cory. He is the authors of a new report launched called ‘Towards Smart Farming’ and also a senior analyst at…

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Top 3 Ways Created by IoT for Healthcare Industries

There are several different ways to boost your business. Nowadays, many companies are finding opportunities from innovative technological developments way through grow their business. One of the opportunity comes from innovations is connected between hardware and applications and keep in mind the troves of information gathered accordingly. If your company is currently trying to make…

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Tektrong - Difference between Hardware and Software Development

Difference between Hardware and Software Development

Today, everyone knows what Agile is and what means of software development is, so let’s start with defining what means of hardware and hardware development. “Hardware” is specifically one kind of electrical or electro-mechanical devices, which regularly include firmware or embedded software like networking equipment, phones, and other communications technology; consumer electronics; computers; medical devices;…

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Tektrong - IoT Product Designing For Consumers

4 Key Points of IoT Product Designing For Consumers

IoT has been hottest topic in the IT world. Internet of Things is the most popular rising innovative technology, its uses and application are developing by leaps and bounds. Upcoming era, it would rise as a distinct advantage as well as a life changer. Also, many consumers are taking IoT very seriously. Do you know…

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Difference Between Microcontroller and Microprocessor

Know About Difference Between Microcontroller and Microprocessor

There is huge confusion between the microcontroller and microprocessor. Both of them have been used in real-time. They have several common features and also have some major differences. Both the integrated circuit’s, for example, the Microprocessor and microcontroller can’t be outstanding by taking a look at them. They are reachable in various versions beginning from…

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Tektron - PCB Components

10 Important Tips for Choosing PCB Components

The printed circuit board design can be very difficult and challenging job. Here at Tektron Genesis we provide you 10 important tips for selecting right PCB components for PCB design. 1. Bill of Materials – Helpful for Virtual Parts The main task of BOM will support you create the virtual parts list when you will…

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4 Innovative Trends in Embedded System Development

4 Innovative Trends in Embedded System Development on the Skyline

An embedded system is a computer system with a mixture of computer hardware and software, either fixed in capability or programmable, that is designed for a specific function or for specific functions within a larger system. In competitive and tough markets, organizations are managing roadblocks like less productivity, an absence of modern innovation, technology and…

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