Tektron Genesis is one of the largest and most experienced printed circuit board manufacturers around, we deliver high quality products & services with customer satisfaction.

Design Services

The Advantage of Tektron Genesis ‘s currently upgraded development infrastructure in Hardware & PCB design and Mechanical & Industrial. We offer accurate functional specifications and test producers of Embedded Hardware Design. Our expertise in Electronics & Mechanical engineering allows us to offer entire system and subsystem level designs.


Our engineers composite innovation with engineering expertise to offer high quality products & services which are profitable and ready to manufacture. We have Embedded Firmware Development team has extraordinary knowledge in firmware design from complex DSP/Processor based system to the easy system that contain small microcontrollers.



We assist in all the steps of manufacturing process and product development containing PCB Fabrication & assembly, product engineering and logistics support. We offer the complete solutions of PCB Assembly with the use of the latest technologies on SMT assemblies, connect with an expert concern for perfection, allows our production team to achieve a high level of output.



At Tektron Genesis offer the most precise and cost-effective Thru-Hole services for lead assemblies. Our highly professional engineers often prefer the larger Through-Hole service when prototyping, because they can be simply used with breadboard sockets. When high-speed or high-frequency designs may require our expert engineers use mixed technology & through hole PCB assembly.



Tektron Genesis provide a strong testing solutions with our various platforms to assure reliable products. We provide a wide range of testing services to fullest test and extensive test coverage. Our main objective of testing is providing guaranteed high quality services with we test 100% of the boards for jobs that are tested.


Mechanical Assembly

We are one of the unique electronic manufacturing organization that provides high value mechanical assembly. With lots of years experience in the product assembly area & offer complete assembly solutions.